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Electrification des routes



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A classical electrical vehicle uses as a source of energy a block of batteries that suffer several handicaps, such as a large mass, a strong limitation of autonomy, major costs and relatively long loading times. The Serpentine transport system includes several technical innovations that, in combination with more classical elements, make it an innovative system. Among specific technical aspects, one will mention:

  • a capsule driven by electric motors integrated in the wheels, with high energy efficiency,
  • transmission of high frequency energy without contact, from reels placed on or buried in the ground and operating by induction. This device constitutes an "active" roadway, fed locally under the capsule as the latter progresses,
  • automatic drive, implying lateral and axial steering based on the magnetic fields created by the electricity supply,
  • the possibility to convert in a vehicle for any other site through the use of auxiliary batteries.

Propulsion is assured by four synchronous direct current electric motors, without collector. Motors are integrated in the four wheels, with a nominal power of 600 W per motor. The electric current is fed directly through buffer-batteries. Regulators integrated in the motors ensure a precise control of the thrust and of the speed.


Téléchargement plaquette SmartWay :

• Brochure SmartWay (312 Ko)

Electrical energy is sent on continuously to the capsule by the Magnétoglisseur ®. It is constituted of the following elements :

  • a set of whorls about 170 x 30 cm, about 1,5 cm thick, embedded in the ground,
  • integrated high frequency converters feeding the windings in the ground,
  • a spool of about 140 x 40 cm fixed under the frame of the capsule at a distance of 5 to 8 cm from the ground,
  • a rectifier transforming to direct current the energy recovered by the spool of the capsule. Spools in the ground and that of the capsule constitute a transformer without iron. Reels in the ground are fed according to the advance of the capsule, without a possibility of interaction with other objects or persons. The global efficiency of such a transmission chainis of the order of 88% (measured) for a power of about 2 kW.

The system to supply electricity in the ground simultaneously fulfils two functions that are necessary for the automatic steering of the capsule :

  • a detection of the axial position of the capsule with a relative precision of the order of about 1 cm,
  • lateral guiding of the buble by sensors that are located on the capsule and feed the regulators of the motors.